Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Nudity in 18th Century Hungary

Here are no Jeremy Bentham Panopticons, none of Mr. Owen's impassable parallelograms... 
from William Hazlitt's _On the Pleasure of Hating_.

on a wildly whipping
chartreuse pepper leaf
2 spotted yellow ladybugs mate
as the storm cell wind approaches

like a vast ghost ship
whose prow is pushing  foam
the grey blue cauliflower brain wave
effects the tidal gravity of our local

suddenly I think of Baudelaire hybridized
with Abraham Lincoln wearing a fascist armband
with 2 spotted yellow ladybugs mating
an opium den full of liberated negresses
bald transsexual chinese eunics
playing ringtoss or prongtoss
with frisbee catholic wig rings

honeydew their ladybug aspirations
of form , brevity, informe'd content
their wax pipes
shoof wahloo

gold toothed
a Hungarian with a dirty pigtail
hides sleeping in a pressed ear
of pecan leaves

all the bewildered horses
on a wildly whipping
chartreuse pepper tree

then an observatory
like a black stove pipe hat
with a balcony on top
for a 360 degree view
of the weather

Abraham Baudelaire says:
all thought is fascism
and all material structure a fascism
over the wild form of thought
over the wild form of matter
only the blind waters
are free from determination, its slave
but still feel
the cascading
with polka-dots
and sticky feet
coeur en sabot

so if you see a nude Hungarian woman
of the 18th century being copulated
on a wildly whipping chartreuse pepper
leaf by a pigtail of transcendent water

not only reject it
but embrace it
or you are a fascist

you fascist ladybug pigtail!

-Titianus faciebat