Thursday, June 7, 2012

Metamorphosis of the Vortex (in Goon Melonesian Dog)

its teeth were regarded as honeycombed hadarene
Dragon Orb the left-over

another goon not laugh
but bell
Waka Flocka of carefully Oxygeddon's

about the crystalline lupin in your cameo mole
heavy lead ontogeny of those punks
I sit in the Research Institute's huge
moss-slicked genitals

Gnarl's Thesis has culminated in emitting eye-patch
now if i fall out and into the Vortex
Where is fly like Baby Burn Something
Something chambered retort called Dragon Orb

submissives in whirling architectures descend
I had created a Sinko Sunko Sanka Burn

its being a braided orgy
whose bamboo picture family
I will have ludilucredous stakes upon a killer potion
If mom's vertebra allow her to overtake us

Lord, force rudimentary limb girdles into
your bong
You're the smoke!

Set process markers
of language and citizens

ultra-joyous good'n white hybrid strain
teeth were regarded as grey

ivory Gohan and towel
if "A" for android head-bong
released its swimming stones
on infinite liberty before all goon,
ending hot-tubs

What the Gadarene Swine made
from their extreme haired Venetian bacon barque
is banana bat butterfly
my turn
Said absence of Flame sale Thumbnail 0:38s
the thong

eternal flame
is / are your Titian Oxygeddon of silver and gold
up, or do you out the vivid and then
fuck them up just
flame out, flame not, flame mot?

Where is wood like the statement
from early Ovid

back to implication
that metamorphosis lisp

Raymond is a utopian city
its musical instrument that Is

you freely desert your limb ruins acrobat
If you find donald tromp l'oeil lima-bean hydra
for the Negotiator Caldari Vortex
you must ask tumor bean "ascention"

goons goons goons goons
come shooting out like dog jelly!

Spider dogs whose
Peter helmets emerges from
Arcane slithering folded golden linen
of catastrophic entanglements
of neotene
in which
to get back through to Melville
perhaps vortexes became

Where ist a many money burns
helegaunt vinery, hips materials shifting
as intramolecular may be flame sprite &
glasses curve and riddled with crystalline lupin helmets

who vivifies the tentacle watchers
to the embassy

Urban two Hydrogeddons will squirm
You have got a maggot in the turns now.

ancient devonian seas
as our own mutation
Spidey Doggie sing
their friendly dog with the crimson brain
cartoon lips
the red Mirage
and the enlarged little Flame bitch singing,
a blunt arc is also required for rescuing us
from its green Herman salvos of galvanized antenna?

Whither is into Dictionary: elitest ass we brigade bell,
steam Finally horde of thrumming
Inferno‎ Shocked by Art hendu GRAMS:
Crackling an appearance!

inside Titian
it make hot tusk
white hot molten give
any putti spent several days enlarging
the French Mother

but ended up of white coats
to things of the magical
now sunk flat
Raging to see this mellowville
French Mother's taffy-like body

MILF = "Rubber Cement" aka Arachnid Hound

Eric Nystrom
stripped his boloney child.
Now love roe

taken to puppet vomits
a matter.
a thing like a Negotiator.
did atomic metamorphosis
with a base like a seizure skin knights in sugar

pulsing through crystalline berry jesters
a thick if
we feature
the sweet Orangutang
with a mimicking and jacking
Robotic trompe

hybridize lupins
puffy silken armor among the
fact swirling flames
fire structures reveal now
in tents of mosquitos

If the orctaprong tone ped-pods
within curved glass replicate on cod GOO
and a subtle attack allows raging balloon skull embassies
with luminous vagina-tongues
its just lungfish apples.

Infinite Liberty
can breathe hummingbirds
through the total command of
Titian's erotic meshes

by Raging cathedrals
we mean those
whose interior has your
hastening puzzle-bone born in brazil
to House Goon liquid pelt remover

we're among the general Gadarene attack
the green, it's stupid, my origami headmates are
building wrasped Bojack real Liberty aka Spiderdog.

If a mass is an overweight Goon-chung
I need "French Mother"
made of ground torso fibres
forming an ingot of photos of heavy butterfly Servers
briefly skipping Double stones in biune fauns

you may accept the wry wit
of its affexual vepression
see jade-ivory-alabastar armor with inflatable liquid skull helmets staircase

where do the tantric tentacle larva go!

money beach?
This new Royalty of Infinite child is vortex metamorphosis
to cranial ribs, a raging homophone
this child's
do of Palaeospondylus' "child become big"
a collective event
in Jerry Gebusi society...

I want to believe
the sago dancers
and sexual buffoons
will leave the stage soon
but the red bird of paradise
has attached itself
to Malinowski's face:

GOONS! 'big men'!
take up your omaks
and tap out CHEVROLET!