Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Poem in Marvel of Claude Vorilhon, The Car-Racing UFO Cult Prophet.

the guru feels cold and small
and the intimate fiction he used
the offering it suggested
was like a salve made of snake oil
for the brows of children

and the guru
cannot know the minds of children
but only the mind of capitalism

and the guru thinks
when Marx looked upon the marks
and when he saw how they swarmed
liked gnats around the coinages
that they had no understanding
of the sacred coinages
of the cock and the bell
and the bull

and when Marx wrote Das Kapital
how could he know
that history folds like origami
maybe he'd been taking LSD,
anyway I did not pay much attention

the guru feels cold and small
and his head like a rat's head
has follicles, and his name
is a perversion of Israel,
the IS / ARE / ALL (OIL)
the Gesu, Geza, and
Great Pir Amid
the children

And the little guru
races cars
he races cars
he races cars
he races cars
and he wears
a djellaba to orgy

And the little guru is cold
lost among the Canadians
where the friendly brown
and blue and toga-biune feudless blow
Let's have Indian food and call ourselves

We're rat head gods
to these insectile children
who have no coinages
of their own
no revelations
no oil
within their fang

no vor(t)ille hon
no tent embassy
for whispers

they cannot imagine
that all religions begin this way
a cro-magnon sees a luminous vagina
with antlers in a cave
and dreams himself a cult along the way
oh children it's all so complicated
in a geniocracy

and while the disenchanted rail
I'll fill the pale

he races cars
he races cars
he races cars
and he wears
a djellaba to orgy
and swastika-star
of David

who like Ulysses
killed a big old boy
with a tiny stone
but then ran

because a tiny clod
is really no match
for big stupid
Goliath, the Cyclops

The One-Eyed Trouser Snake
and the bush, or jangal
it comes from

a cold little guru
still may coin
and children
may follow

come along children

let's have a semenarr!
and invite, no incite
these Lovely Elohim
to descend!!

come little rat heads,
let's watch the stars
and rub each others'
bodies, lifestyle
is really better
than religion..