Friday, June 29, 2012

Nadia ul-Gindy: Egyptian Cinema's Queen of Violence, Sexuality & Raw Emotion!

chocolate doggy hut, harry
mushed up hushed up my stool's a fang
from the winter garden where your anvil
white as snow lays like an odalisque
awaiting hammer


oh favorable
that a small movement of the hands
like a bicycle can enact a mechanical
sky centipede glider
from hand-jive to luminous strings
of inflatable video balloon dolphins
in only one small motion

chocolate doggy hut
universe as id, pi forever gilty
those gorgeous gold bollocks
dripping rococo star locks
where the pea green algal babylons
cluster to the bearded stones

oh weep egypt
with your bounty sewn up
in an eagle's stomach
and your ideology as dry
as a mummified dog
fat pink amoebas swarm
your venerable rectums
of stone

all flying machines
are prayers
hospital ships in the history of poker

all prayers
are chocolate doggy huts, harry
movie stars covered in leaves
hold grand symposiums in Atlantis
raising their forked golden stick wands
together into quivering faux tensegrity diagrams

o moustached pyramid bicycle
this sweet Mau
bears a mass of scarabeetle graph
upon its forehead

platinum sunglasses
across the bridge
of your every ad nauseum