Tuesday, June 26, 2012

dot and larger dot (primitive statue electrocute)

face peace ivy invy aglum oglu the hushed negrolis alone in night vitrine external cranial intestines or the word that Bjorn said wreathus beeba beneath us along the basal delta sparks cooled to a frozen map an ice of lavender bees carved into a torque a pipe for smoking Afro Basaldella handling ceramic sandwiches easyfun ethereal herd of high heel thou shall not wither and thou shalt rove in Conestoga mercury along the nilotic venice where gear toothed hairs incessantly relax good grey marble garden interact the angled bleached eye of its fountain to gaze skyward ducks in a syrup of daze manilla swallows darting through twisting limbs of purple velvet and these their iron shells we have at last come to know but have caved no scratch for cumber link