Thursday, June 7, 2012


Yes, of course, I remember it very well.
I had come to her home with Sérgio Rodrigues,
a furniture designer from Rio de Janeiro.
She was out by the pool reading Góngora:

It was a beautiful day. 
I was only 19,
had just bought a camera, 
which she seemed very interested in.

She had a big wooden chair, which
I guess,  Sérgio had made, and 
they talked about it for awhile.

Then we went skinny dipping,
and I took her picture.
Later, she showed us a film 
on the patio, on the sights 
of old Okinawa.

She served us chicken, and
screwdrivers. Then 
there was a house fire
down in the valley, and
the sirens seemed so loud.

At some point she had put on
a pair of green socks, 
and let the dogs out
into the yard.

I'll never forget the day
I met Elizabeth Taylor,
and her big wooden