Monday, June 4, 2012

Memory Ever Humble, Being, Moreso

And then Pallas, high above his même-plan
like Icarus near the cold cavern ceiling,
his torch-crop beginning to thaw
the enormous elongated eyelashes,
could see the crooked meander
of the rabbit and cricket cages,
the great rivers of hounds and
fishes, the snarl of snares
and markers, the Rutuli
frozen in furor upon the memory
belt of Turnus, 500 frozen, beating,
hummingbird eyelashes, the
ichor of dogs, fline wine, now
turned back into circuitry:
no tao deity, no, deity Athena
labyrinth replace the random
door in Melicus' Rhegiment...

The plan must be seen from above,
and the eyelashes be strong,
for all the snares must be gathered
like a bow string, wu wei sing, your
implicate intricate an endless journeying
with the Rutuli narratrons; there is no ceiling,
but a chasm-portal, whose face is a wheel
of innumerable worlds, De inventoribus rerum.

Lullus 2 Turnus ||-,
and the thread of Ichor
follow its pupil not less than
Dr. Drumsnuffle, its compulsion
to lie beyond system or paviour,
shadow Clavis toward Magna, a
divination from vapors, its amorphous
ocarina-house the entrancing exit,
Nature is heaven.

Eyelash is Rumpelstiltskin.
Thomas Dromgoole (Aeneas),
the Taoist butcher, now
riding a cleaver
through sinking labyrinth
on a river of.