Monday, January 9, 2012

Albert Camus' Laundry List.

is like that film of Nietzsche
playing the piano.

There's no sound, and
you can't really see exactly
what keys he's depressing,
but you believe

he's playing music
like the way
a snake charmer works.

Can a snake hear?
Is music the Socratic answer
to aesthetic philistinism?

like life
is a physical rhetoric.

Language doesn't
employ rhetoric.
It is rhetoric.

And the basic model
of how meaning is enacted
is the difference between noise
and music.

Rhetor or Reader?

Rery?  Torder.

Take turd and tard
and try to compare them using not set theory
but geometry.

Abstraction's stupid motor of contention
more or less just means
some screw on clean sheets
some screw on dirty ones
and the rest are screwing anywhere
or not screwing.