Friday, January 27, 2012

Cheroboscus Supervolavit Beogorga

Rather than hermit
The judge whose
Reason he stole
From excessive stones
Then sent post-cards
To the messiah swarms
That they should come
And bild fus upon
A crystal armor of
Scoppist colliding (sum esse)
That they should lodge him
With great care
In the chaste meltallic
locust sarcophagai railroad car
wrapped in tamarisk bark fur
his luminous skin mites flowing
into rigid penumbra

that the train should pass
between the twin heroes of the city’s gate
where their funereal robotic images still motion
their hands taking back invisible pockets
through the strong night’s omphic humus

稬 amend amend amend 稬
The Early Satyr's Moving Grave
[Sapir Audio]

parallel evolution exists
ion exchange consists
in Oraculalysing the cyst
pre-eminent upon speech
that throws the Earth for what
to will, or if ‘gin-still’ to heares

the purified ακάθαρτος
and Amphoteric phanion;
that mists which chuckles
and mimicks the plane
of pajarón (beatioribus)