Thursday, January 26, 2012

Inotrope, and the New Gross

O how your mouth
is chafed by the bit
the silver spoon
of gravity's pit

She gots a Pan-Am bag
and a cardboard bucket of soup
and the jooler's loup is
illuminated from within
for language's gem
O terra garoo

When dynorhapsodomeniscus roamed here
vast fern mobius trees in the sky
held up by luminous galls..

In pathology, a gall
is a raised sore on the skin,
usually caused by chafing or rubbing..

How cum I gots to do yo laundry
while you sets scribblin',

You just a lemur in pants
doin a little silver spoon leg dance
why the GALL (like teeth made of breasts)
the whole body of it a prolapsed geode
something from the inside of this thang
is hangin' t'the outside

Kitchingis Chnago
The 'air plant'
The Mother of Thousands
on Sign-hippy-day...