Tuesday, January 31, 2012

An Ode to Fine Feelings

through the long thin white tunnel
and out into the desert whose
name was more ought in times more
sought with the days of Jean Verame;

He turned and bowed to Madame Woodcarver,
"Madame, are you content to continue
without the advice of an Executive Council,
to administer in those noncontroversial deserts
which Jirlib claimed would fête a soda
of emerald primordial moose
to a chlomoí subtrime?"


Now a capsa to house a phrase:

Chutei a caixa. (I kicked the box.)
/but (there) was nothing inside but some/

Cheap Flowers
by Marlene Iris Bronznick

a: whose mad as a raisin
b: but with indubitable polarity
c: and she outsmarted a flea (me)


but the angels paid to see
her martyred style
clean but queer, and
chastened with credentials
just like Beatrix Lehmann, and


and all she said was:
"They put me in a Rolls Royce and took away my slippers.."

[Location was a desert of mud.] at the stones of blue blood

* photo: Beatrix Lehmann by Angus McBean 1937
** photo: Jean-Claude Francolon, Mount Sinai