Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Samurai cuts a Jackass in Half.

A la sueur de ton visaigeTu gagnerois ta pauvre vie,Après long travail et usaige,Voicy la mort qui te convie.

You ride wild palm trees
In the hurricane winds
Then quell them
With your sylvan grin, but

Is Austria a girl?

Does Austria sleep like Snow White
In a whaleshark of transparent jelly?

Do discrete blue tubules
Arrange themselves
into complex hovering
braided bridge forms?


O did you meet this
Georges Jacques Danton
With his heavy English lips
And bulldog lyre hips?

Were you reimbursed
By tawdry insectoid assholes
For your frequency-hopping idea?
Is Austria a girl? No?

The Earth is such a jackass!
Every molecule I know!