Thursday, January 5, 2012

Drinking Girl Piss in the Shower.

Later that day
in the duff, in the Leffe
by the rough green Chinese bottle
a green Buddha
happy as a Minoan~
"You could bottle that symbol up
and cell it.." silly old shits
on their park bench planets

I had a hot pink skateboarding helmet
with pipe cleaner antenna feelers

I did frontside 50/50 grinds
for fifteen feet then dropped back in
from the vertical
nothing between my back and the ground

This poetry is born out of extreme sports
and the shit that kids get into
and probably shouldn't

I'm a technician
not a doctor

I don't want the human stink
on my hands when they die
or their skin turns ugly

I keep a gun
to do myself in
hells only nice
if you can fuck
with someone
you love

you're whole bitter root
is the complacency
of a soft long nipple

a nipple reaching up for
the sky

the snake charmer
and the cobra

it's odd
how the horn
has a bulge
like it's swallowed

a mouse.

*I met this guy one time, about 1984ish.. w/ Lance Mountain. At the Clown Ramp when it was at Bachman Lake. I bet that thing is long gone.