Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Umwerthung Melissographia

For, as in alchemy, so in the apex of virtue
which is the earth, in now whose agency lies
the bee, apis, apice, appease, lapidifying virtue
diffused through the whole body of the geocosm,
the glossopetrae, or platonic matter, ideally, solid
bodies within solids, irreal bodies within irreality,
notso, the world turned upside down, a downy
world, a world feathered in tongues, in stone
tongues, now vivid, minerals, crystals, encrust-
ations, veins, the hyper-superpositionality of what
unknown layer within the noösphere, or as in alchemy,
the actum sentiendi secundum cognitionem veritatis
notitiam cogitatio mentis iudicium conscientiae testis
fidem RUMUSCULUS ipsum lorem ipsum verbum
as wound through the favus, favor, favere, favonius.

Being at the apex of all things, as alchemy is, or as the
flightlessness of certain birds, or of the earth, solidly solid,
as with the bee, apis, apex, a-pes, bull, apsis apis, abcess
abyss, apes, opes, hopes. Not very little of this ever was,
toward its hive again as in Thomas Moffet's 1638
Theatre of insects, that it was a model of
"politick and oeconomick virtues" as in alchemy,
which is the earth, which is the apex of footless
platonic matter, apes, RUMUSCULUS BARBARA,
as in the organs of the body, so in the hive of being,
in alchemy, which is a sacred bull, its principis clementia,
Apes Dianiae:

What sanctuary is to be
The house of the Virgin of Trivia;
Appearing so that each
Whole breast would be
Spread over its entire body,

That treaty which she
Would not feign suffer
Abed, though it nourisheth
All mortal races, living
Things, and life, the vital

Elements, even within
The juices she drinks
To be its faded data, aseep,
Self-begotten and bedless?

Bodiless, or trivial bees
Are what the Virgin gives
More modesty. Bees!

These uncorrupted
Manners of the age
Will regard your world
As clean, and its
Governor, virginal.

For as in alchemy, the world, HIC DOMUS,
the separation of the various parts of the proboscis,
into the glossa, labial palps, and galeae, but also
the clarity, la detta expressione ne sia un Buon
auspicio e hieroglifico, and not to a text tout court,
the Apiarium, occhialino, a building, a mind, alchemy,
a lens in which the bees are thoughts, words, photons,

Winter in Acquasparta, chastity, fact and fancy
combined as within its own, and unknown
ahyper-superpotionality, a dead bee
which lay in its own honey drowned, would
be the object, or subject of this virginal treaty,

"The sirens are not the same as bees, Perspicillum.
For instance, in the Tesoro Messiamechanico, it is
revealed, that the parrot can say chaire, or 'hullo',
according to Perseus, but it can also imitate the sounds
of a trumpet, the meowing of cats, the barking of dogs,
the howling of babies, and bats, alchemy, the world,
the apex, a-pes, whistling, singing, and so on."

A parrot may even reproduce the words
and music of an old Flemish song by Cassiano
who painted two snakes. One which said,
"Don't shit on this boys," the other,
"this is sacred ground, don't piss here."~

~For this is the hyacinthine wool,
The Calabrian fleece dyed in spoiled purple,
Earth, alchemy, apex, virginal trivia,
Hieroglyph, home, and stingless King,
Or Mother Governor.

Here we are wholly concerned
With the tongues of bees, the
Umwerthung of Vohu Mano...