Wednesday, January 4, 2012

All Is Sleaze...

As scuba divers we descend
until we reach a negative sculpture
a space which has the body of a lion
and nine cobra neck combination head rooms
with long vertical neck snake halls
and luminous cobra brains to illuminate
each head room, and which hang down
on chains in the correct anatomical

each hollow glass cobra brain is filled
with bioluminescent bacteria
and maybe the glass is soft, and maybe it's gelatin (instead)
and there is a nipple (like a warm rotund bag or distended hairless scrotum)
a living placental interface to the interior
and you can suck
take supp of my mysterious organism
in the spirit of "alles leas" or
"all is sleaze" if you like
leaf reversed is feel
and the past is field, or veld,
and feelers could be arrayed
around any sensory organelle
or organismus

There are 9 scuba brahmin
each to give suck
to luminous cobra brain nipple 'chant-du-leer'

chants délire?

The rascally vehiculo: I got this out of
Padgett and Clark's Supernatural Overtones:

been some
them there
that these

A green and jagged stone hand comes to life.

That's an Eirrisian aesthetics.
Iris and Eris, Ire and Air, and heir,
and maybe the gelatin cobra brains
grow hair

Harpies were originally thought of as creatures
with long and beautiful tresses
not as anthro-cephalo-avians

Fellow Wavians,
lend mi ur Irr
for I have sucked the luminous
cobra ichor from a chants délire
and now my skin
casts shadows
in the long relief of scales

What if my body
were the tongue
of an infinite mouth
an ourobouromaw
a womb of ruby aurum

crimson gold
pounded into clover wig
for Scuba Raumpellstilleskein

myth is suck
for the gap of understanding flows
such ether ichor ores

chaobyrra or scampavia?
The wind or the vessel it carries?
or pageant (or lark)?

divination towards Eironism, for poetry,
is cearumancy, the divination of trouble, and
ceromancy, waxing only until increase
unto Cernunnos, but the name Cernunnos
occurs only on the "Pillar of the Boatmen" (Pilier des nautes);
chaobyrra or scampavia?

Constructed by Gaulish sailors probably
in 14 CE, it was discovered in 1710
within the foundations of the cathedral
of Notre-Dame de Paris, the site of
ancient Lutetia, the civitas capital of the
Celtic Parisii.

The name Cernunnos can be read clearly
on 18th century drawings of the inscriptions,
but the initial letter has been obscured since,
so that today only a reading

can be verified

Urn of Nous?
or scampavia?

Alles leas meine compote:

     eling along
either which

An electro-biologist persuades 
the only survivor of a train crash 
to submit to some experiments
involving grasshoppers.

Le délire est un trouble du contenu
de la pensée caractérisé par la permanence d'idées
délirantes (troublad'or, or turbul'odour)...

Carne Unis!

Meat Horn!