Wednesday, January 18, 2012

cosci jamo soscriveranno

vot mutante
turquoise the peacock aquarium
with lisping beauties whose animal helmets translate
sunlight's ordinal intestavo

bündeln glimmer
as if my throbbing kisses were at the end of a flexible rodlet
speeding abalienabam
in dizzy-unko

white your rodent-snicker flash-cutesy
disjunxi dépurassiez
pluito your firm buttocks to my epiphany's
kivikausi escamoteo domain

O druidical stabilisasse
some verge open ass, some verge Sumer eyed
proloquentium, a kiukku
somehow fucked in the clock pouch

deep fucking of wise weep-green sentiment
despicerentur the spice skulled hedge capacissimo
A single tone on the oval lake
sylvicolorum of mind's effigy archivieresti

twanged lucid contour omen betsy'd
ementia emens emens Amerikaanste
viceregally your flabberghasting arms
go round my smoldering torso raccomandavate

adpropiabuntur the weird baby owl shoe icon
if leaking salves proclaim
migro intinctus
its offering to incogitabilia rejected by your all-knowing cleavage

cohabiterons universe pompous major axes
devamos rebel make-out hive
red head Jehovah's-Witness
brutalisèrent the penis stoppino scompattati

deterrebbe all Jungian gorillas
sweet Alçiçek
porser tancujíce to exchange
our children's feet in a rumpled hat of desencajareis

all omen to dang and dis
conlapsae lucis
em (my garden) (circumtegito
readorning transfretentes