Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Fon mu kletin mot
Mit fom bu til eugen

Confidencia zweifle an
Johtua decolorar

"">><< she came home early sick::
After a while, while laynig dow she sah

How could thee burthen mee a toddy plllee
And I a good egg

Took whisky
And mint the'
And the honey of the b
And yellow lemon of distand land
And mix'ed them tograther in ein own hand

And a grey hound carried it in
Inna kidney shaped bowl of rind

A soft transparent stomach of a sky
I kissed her neck from behind
And the cooing was immense
For the radiolarian of kinetic flashlight pants
Went flailing unto boston

And there in the place where poets and sailors
Meat old ploughsmen
In the deep wading pool of social alienation
Wrecked airplanes
Oil tankers
::??>>< she lay there sick
And I kissed her neck from behind
She was not a one trick pony

Gerard Depardieux
Suissetis quebranten comédies
For one sense of the pi is that the crust
Is made of machinic flagellantes

Khaki chino balloon letters
The flat essay blanket rises up

Greyhound amoeba linkages for punctuation
Kombontaj kombucha

დათო is the subtle frown for daze
And gets in the way
But neuron have hearty folk ways evacuarentur

Sleeps now
In she the dallas emanciparono
Occupational trainers straining toward its central spiritual rectum
100% beef
Seasoned while it cooks

Korn поопичахме
I am dancing with grandma in the potato fields
And cherry orchestra

The orchards of greyhound logs
Seasons pits or spitfires before their depression

Devo summer pitch fork summa

Depilated witch phone
Riding salamander language

Fomfon (matter transcendent and wriggling)

A sun of mud
And fair isles

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