Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Truth About Life

a complex and useless suffering
as protected by a lie whose function
to insure some mean respite
or pleasure and later
control maintenance

// the freudian benevolent:

he could not believe his wife was acting this way
but it excited him, she was leaving him
in the swamps, her girlfriend was a big breasted
swamp rat in a dirty t-shirt

they led him to a floating building walled in chicken wire
through a strange terse trick bridge on which old men sat
fishing like grizzled crows and surrounded by crocodiles
the bubble breasted swamp girl threw out a skinned dead
lumpy coney cooked as white as crab but tangled with black hair
from a dirty tow sack in the middle of the concrete floor
it smelled like fresh laundry and vomit combined and in came
the crocodiles as the girls had already discretely fled
leaving him gaping unsure stupid and trapped angry tragic
alone he looked up into the face of one of the old men who
suddenly looked like an insane angel or grasshopper of the pit
and through pure telepathy the old man cleared his mind of shit
and showed him the clever method of reverse travel through
the trick bridge everynight he would dress up as his wife
because he couldn't bear the fact that he hated himself
she loved him and he loved her but he could not love himself
and much preferred the torture the excitement the sick eros
of rejection of someone else instead of himself.