Friday, January 27, 2012

Vospaard, The Fox Horse (A Night Finite And Day Adduct)

In the alley I saw
A hard clear plastic sphere
Rain flecked and alone
Perhaps a jumbo hamster ball
Or a softer inflatable

Later I pondered
The life of Emerson’s transparent
Eyeball as a stranded toy
I considered language
As a standard transparent
Yet functional organ
To image

Now I wonder
Just exactly what
The object, or the subject is
And I meditate upon the terms
Affinity and infinity
Passing them over one another
Conjuring them as cards from a game
To discard (but to recall)

Their forms combining (in the simple frame)
And yet ever separate (as a fountain is to water)
Are as the living heart (ritualized)
Or some various organ an eye (emblematic)
Perhaps an organelle (leisure)
Of the macroeconomic hysteresis (dignitas igneous digita)

Evolution (It sees)
Deformation (no)
Submission (latent)
“New Directions” (form)

Water fills a hollow glass door
And fishes make their way
Through the narrow maze
And the hoses go to the jamb
Concealed inside the hinges

A fin
A fin in finity

Virsprichten Ceterus