Friday, January 6, 2012

Fine Examples of Excuse Me.

Fleece to grieve weaving seas
Membrainless ropy configurands
Lope over under all zoo
Sam Lung

Excuse me.

Fleece forever forwarded
Sentiment supplement
Stood aghast
Into the backward pause

Excuse mew.

Fleece wheels magnetically coupled
And slow
For beds. Like rondures in which the speakers
Or heads share a single neck hole
Or call her.

Excase milieu.

The fremden. Blue eyes of new smoke.
Tray Dune.
Enormous space wheel of metallic dendrites
Surround the Tesla fuzz disk.

Electric fleece.
As seen from outer space.

Where even vacuum feeds
The sleep encasing antelope.

Long transparent space tube:
In fleece capsules they flow along
Becoming train.

Dark indigo fleece bags
House the holy enclosed organs
Of speech.

Terracotta roses
8 times bigger than a top hat.
If dirt dobbers
Rob the ground
Then thin needles
Redirect the workers
To orange clay ovaries
Stuck like buboes
In the endless recording.

Excuse me.