Saturday, January 7, 2012

Barking Mushroom Fondue Pellets To Anthony's Ovary Cheeks

tender is the night
its gorgon ice cream
full of blue pict faces
yodeling tippy tripuri piliana
to sprays of crimson enoki
ascending moonlit slopes
of snow

the snow demon is healing
but steel black battle flakes
smear out in chiaroscuro kales
troll-like scribbles
with round voluptuous bottoms

ingots of ice
housing brown daisies
stuck to pitchforks

green glue rising in slightly crooked columns
mimicks a ramshackle parthenon
for silent mushrooms of suppurating diamond

foam blue crystals
to hide their eyes
with flippers like flat
kaleidoscopic babies
of pareidolia
whose wings are the feet
of Cydonian dodo verbs
boobied with traipsing traps
of yammering pilfering polygoggles

A full body portrait
of Christian Morgenstern
barked out through improbable baleen
as suddenly silent leprechaun milt

horned elephants
reading fuzzy aqua newspapers
in crunchy run-down eclectic egg-like malls
their scrotums lovingly squeezed
between plates of taffy glass
and inhabited by pink metallic mites
who call the celestial furnace funhouse


Pale blue Anthony, are your liana legs
silver trophies
entangling crony fountains?

Is your temptation more wondrous than
a carpet map of old Atlantis
whose inhabitants are 3 still
puff-like pollen grains
indicating a lost and antique

What ecstasy
to be confined in foxed up
paper buboes
while flesh-flames crawl the halls
to comb fleet monkeys from galleries
of chia hands

in the name of love
before I break apart
too much mighty ochre
comes in here

a clipper ship
is covered
in a mosaic of rainbow
christmas ribbon