Thursday, January 5, 2012


Here is something like a data-wodenvodentina
artifact poem made from my reader's search terms that led them here.

rimming boys image
peter sloterdijk
rhinoceros snake
cubism still life
fang snake
esox lucius skull
o que é gemetary
vintage u f fire truck fireman fire company cast iron wall plaque
conqueror's armor
skull with chain gagging it
zoo horno s
video snake in pussy
toulouse lautrec secret
temperature anal finger punishment story
english garden plan rendering
english garden plan rendering
joos van craesbeeck
fang prosperity mask
vacuum antlers
seed till you bleed
electric decorative swirls
bertil schmull
yellow leaves gardenia

And then some Wodenvodentinakutten, cutups!

truck fireman

f fire punishment sloterdijk
bauru rhinoceros snake cubism
horno s video plaque conqueror's
gagging it zoo company
cast gardenia fire
gemetary vintage u mask
vacuum antlers seed bleed
electric decorative iron
till you lucius skull
o van wall lautrec leaves chain
snake fiasting esox rendering
english garden boys image
peter armor skull with still life fang
craesbeeck fang prosperity
que é secret temperature
truck fireman in pussy toulouse
rimming plan rendering joos story
open-work english snake plan
anal finger garden swirls bertil
schmull yellow

snake cubism

plan temperature antlers
seed till decorative horno
s video mask vacuum secret
schmull yellow cast iron boys
image peter plaque conqueror's
anal leaves gardenia life fang
snake fiasting esox wall
sloterdijk bauru
rhinoceros van craesbeeck
fang fire company skull
o you bleed electric pussy toulouse
lautrec snake cubism plan rendering

joos finger
still punishment f
fire snake in armor skull
gemetary vintage
u prosperity with chain
rendering english
garden que é rimming
gagging it zoo swirls
bertil truck fireman
story open-work