Saturday, October 30, 2010 Is a Head Shop.

trapped in abacus pants
weevil harmonicas
sleep the pied parasol skin
into deft paper monocles

telescopic origami kaleidoscope binoculars
reach out from the black tower
he mentioned bromides
in the graffitoed washing area

destroyed the guitar then
went down to the village
trapped in jug pants
and the jug band
when around
giving tits to minstrels
for potted peach trees
pipped with bow-ties

Tom Thumb
Guacamole Captain Kirk
we worshiped in the moonlight
slowly plopping out dates

April 27, 1936
December 13, 1924
March 2, 1906

Albino water beetles
cover the messy silk bomb stays
totally abstract awareness of sherlock homes
as fabric for various teams of underwear
moving in the high grass
our shedu admiral heads
we are trapped in ceramic pants again
bigger than Dallas

speak now yabyum
literal commodity unto literal commodity
rough trade for processed banana projectiles
trapped in milk pants
totally abstract infolding diorama
power of sun bright columns to distract the motorists
on the freeway

the sun-bright Parthenon was a gimmick
for the new Pharmacy
Physicists created an ignition surface
but ended up trapped in cortisone pants
our shedu boner admiral hats
were trapped in weevil jugs

speak now o grey long eared pharmacists of easter island
we surf in the indoor parthenon wave pool structure
columns replaced by long eared moai
which are pharmacy vending machines
and the moai don't give a shit what comes out

mostly sunbright harmonicas
wet destiny of dirty pan
weevil beard between the panning for gold

shot glass


desert transport

gems only
for money
on wild tatooine

tender polar negress
with bunny mouths

come on over here
trapped in foam bubble pants
and wearing only the way home from
the dentist to market
its daybright solemnity

hovering grass covered spheroids
like the elegant blowing green hair

great green grass pyramid
we grow red grasshopper
bony shiny carapace
distinctly each unit
with its own abacus
cussing singing

trapped in grass spheroid pants
funny gnostic girls
saying things like

'sucker for a frying pan girdle in ping pong logic'
we get out of the woody
discover a long disused path down to the beach
we surf on random architectural models
that somehow work as surfboards

in the deep and unending night
there is no room for real production
like rats that make a clock move
we are the Ethiopians of Situationism

deep green color
high foreheads
long forking abacus
hands like chittering grasshopper heads
using weevil harmonica

woody sunbright mushroom foetus
we hold up in Kintay
Bugsy McVegas sold my Docter Elvis
Pelvis Centipede Bicycle thing

colonial Volvox disco lights
or like whatever plant flagella
video mmemomies

skin lust
in a bottle
with pocohontas flavored
shopping cream

dig devil eyebrow
warm naughty candy
for a beer abacus
under the pyramid

I give you
old stone pots
and you live inside

drawing mustaches
on the TV
with sharpies

And you said
a Target Store
in a Parthenon wouldn't go over

and you said

alien chariot races
in ancient japan

you said
mystical lost
and ancient stone
you said

moai hold up grass pyramid