Sunday, October 10, 2010


Woke out of stumbling dreams where I am annoying strangers, but holding something, and I do this, carry things out of dreams, and when awakened had the phrase: quantum entanglement and dreaming.
Googled it and came up with Robert Moss' The Secret History of Dreaming, so took a reading copy
off an Amazon resale agent, then went down to get my coffee. Coffee in hand and Kara already doing watercolors, I first grabbed a 1917 edition of Robert Louis Stevenson's Villon and began to read aloud to Kara some.. then after Villon started seeming a little too churchy and sister of gracey, whining for his poor old bones and whatnot, grabbed my now crumbling 1856 edition of DeQuincey's Confessions of an Opium reader. I opened it and began to read a most charming selection aloud which seemed very promising about the effect of large rooms on mood.. Wonderful phrases appeared like (Acherontis avari), but the crowning marvel was something I hadn't seen before in Dequincey, and which fits my programme of syntaxis quite nicely. Dequincey gives a folk etymology for the word NEWS as


I've had this book since i was 16, and have read it straight through a few times but none since my 20's.
Well, just thought that was worthy of a note. I suppose I'll just be rereading my beloved Dequincey.

My art show went well, and i was happy with the fact that there was universal appeal of both young and old alike, and I even received promise of a commission in the neighborhood of  3 to 7 thousand to be worked out
next week. great NEWS!

And speaking of news. there is some excellent writing by RL Stevenson in the Critical biography of Villon,
his description of Villon's release by Louis the 11th is quite charming. Villon stumbling into the basket let down into his pit. The new King coming into Meun, etc.

missing a diacritical. too lazy to look it up. coffee calls.

  Poems of Francois Villon