Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Floating Away.

falsity is hirsute
the giant in the sleigh bed snores
and the long chain hydrocarbon of dream
takes the axe-head to its knee
subjectivity is the model of all bad products

bad faith
is among the fierce aspects
of the hennybother ghoat stong
where the stele
enters the ground
the ornament
becomes part
of the physical rooting

long chain
long chain

a face cannot bare
what the other does no


Are you bored?

First we booed the others,
then we booed ourselves,
then we booed the stage
and then the boo itself,
and then we came
to a section of Archimedes screw
made of glass in a ball

a single turn
of the screw
with a hollow part
for the central column

and axle
was the isle
of deception
and the motor
of function

i sit now
toward the abacuss
of my beaded bracelet
pulling beads across
one by one
and i wonder

and i do not strategyre
but wonder of strategists
or the mill of strategrist

i think of the gorilla
and the crow
and i say things like

when place is human narrative
how far to self
our simple stories

come by analog
to the great long chains

its face is not boring
but is moving like some lake
in the horizon

billions of archegons vertistalls opticons
cortivex photifulst amgent

i dream of a solid hiss of ten-billion colored needles
and think what thinnnesss synalogue synomorph

a physicist dreams
of meeting consciousness
in a dark alley

quantum planarity
the magic mill
or thingness incarnating
a fine bliss

sibling's knife
the chiral dance
in its


we do not keep horses
we do not plow, etc.

Didymus gives long chains,
but did y muse
as a ? or a +


The internet is the sea,
and here I have brought the chest
of my monstrosity.