Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Robert Altman's Magnificent Pinheads: Images!

I keep imagining
Zippy peering around the corner
in Robert Altman's


 "Gooble gobble, gooble gobble, we accept her, we accept her, one of us, one of us!"

then I sort of imagine the dude saying:

"Like what, man?"

then I guess I just shut up,
rejoining the fluid spark of absence,
the golden nether oneness
of substance.

A dirty cellphone tooth
clangs out on the floor
smelling of cigarettes
and whiskey,
and beef nugget.

Then I imagine an Ingres Painting
made into a 3d Diorama
made from plaster covered in 4 mm
glass video pixel tiles.

Then squirrels with mohawks are in there.

Then I am getting sparkling lemonade
from a striped tent
in Italy, etc..

Then I imagine having a statue of Joey Ramone as a hood ornament for a Venetian Barque
I call

"The Jibbering Goon Mobile.."


  1. Brilliant.

    The Jibbering Goon Mobile shall conduct us to the Lido forthwith, I reckon, guided along by the babbling song of a crew of oar-pulling Altman pinheads recruited from out back of the desert roadhouse in that ultimate Goon-Flick, Three Women.


  2. I like to think of like Joey Ramone
    in 17th century Venice.

    Oh god. Three Women? Heeee.
    That is a weird flick. Oh how funny.
    That whole movie is like someone trying to figure out how a knee works
    by listening with one's ear on the skin. Right?

    haa. totally odd.

    well Tom.

    Would there be any way to compile a compendium of 'weird spaces' from the more usual poetic sources?

    Like I remember a really weird fragment I saw from Olson

    it's like one short line on a page by itself.

    but all i can remember is the word


    Does he have a poem which is just like

    pink macaroni

    that's it?


  3. Love it! I want a ride in the Jibbering Goon Mobile, with a Spinga driver, singing Sityc Kniess Ophsfe in 3-part harmony, roaring down Robert Habill Driesswi Altman Street. This comment has been composed with the assistance of the author "Word Verification."


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