Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Queasy Zoo Come Aaks...

phet be lith
the width wor
wide lithe feat
of which or rowing
come tongue up
on land
flash all
la shalf licht
to kill its flaccid
distaff prahu
proa or Grote
of probouleutic

phet pre til
light til ezen
amboht boon
bound breast

brother character
cost dow
draw escape
wass waxen mann
amm that thing that
me to beon
ever fasten flit
grave have hern
hething hight hoot
that it amm sennd
that aefre and aefre stannd
Icc hutedd amm
Gabriel icon
learn little man
metekin miskenning mong
priest raise rede
she was a childess jawess
and rimed the rule-maker's
seem so set shall shift
shift show
snap-shot so
this boc heh wiken
setten to
bitaeche haff sett her maniz
word be rime
somedeal something somewhat soul

the speech spell stands

some team tell

with shaved or shwn
that thee theoten though thrinne
through traffic turn
umbethink umbind
understand unnut
unseemly untrumness
upbrixle uver-mar

verse ware wend

what wereso why

wit witter
woke wonder
amm i mee sellfenn wac
and full of u
zu mass nu
haff hemm wroht
i amm Gabrieal

work worm yemsel
nott tatt birth

you right

hafe lufedd