Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wally-Handsome, Fine, Large, Ample.

someday comedy, Baron
Samedi, Samoyed datamedia
so meaty, tangy and languished in
soft alien Alia's eyes, the tender kind
and someday
continual learn better

Eleanor "Bill" Rigby
called me stupid

all urn
and no ruler
alum sets the lips

mulebarn hermetic
in a ship

silver euglena lamps
hide amid the langue wish thingies
and touch each cherished
Ilineid and Æliad
forjoined in spirit faintings
arch glances
carried forth as standards

you -ah

Chacun à son gout

"It's pretty."

cry twango, for in the ion-rampant
three lucies are haurient in fesse
manch membered

as jive is to gyve

Help /
Me /
Give /
This /

gutte' de larmes
we entered liquid vehicles
which might have been tears
but our dress was smart
with a thin veneer

perfect creative heraldry
you can imagine svelte and imagined animals
Two squirrel-shrimps sejant adossée Gules
or n +
a bungle of bubble wreathes

and the vulned sage beneathe them

cold sea water


the zule of distance
as it suddenly lights
for aqua:

"How dost thou seem upon a glue?"