Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sketch of a Late Morning Dream Space.. (Impressions from a rem filibuster)

rem filibuster
to say in whichit sought a grander flame
for certain
the oration which took place
was humble yet pure

a flat black bowl whose podium
was raised like a nub
and painted, libated in sirth,
a rustic yet lyrical bump
a nudge whose untoward seeming
reminded one of the exeunt
for the flame of an oil lamp

an ex-it

and yet the bowl took on further
modulations, as if liquid black granite
had been poured down into a vibration
pressing its thinking head at the earth,
this was the slow descent of Asklepus

here and there
red figures tend low black bowls of snake-like machines
lifting them up and coating them with oil
with rake-like phalangestics

and in the image of the goid, its anthrofont prajection,
a depression in the shape of a human unity
there is an orgy, a conundrum,
a filibuster of dream mirrored
not like a pig wallowing in shit

but magic itself
wallowing in the perfume
of possibilities

organismus like a moth
to metanoia

metanoia pouring like rank erotic sweat
from organismus

En-orgy as Enorgeum as Orgiastimus
one of the names of Asklepus

both of humans, and machine snakes,
and drug glyphs, and dream tokens,
and font spells..


And then Medizzinaut took to the nub podium,
neon machine snake vestigialines giving augmentorsion signs
through neurotransducers:


leptocule mik chem not tu tont tu fu foo aaaah
madrow itslim nopunti graalsnex sinmull lip tungiphlex
podi yum

podi yum

muy dopi muti noti

foo ti ku longi mull
su lo nomme
su lo nomme bi sel

la rey ur di umpo du ki ju hu meru thet il oi ilo lo humme
lo humme
mid ell
mid ell

fu yoi tyui li pufu combi nutrihu dwaasau friduxi hilummmm phittel

zixin hineye
le bompi kule frijunu


And then the Medizzinaut
lifts up the thrumming oscillating

Chaodusian Harpicon
to launch its FANG!

which like Brancusi's bird in space
is an arche-textural


it is the concentrated substance milked
from  the ancient living effigy of metanoia..

It is healing
as transmolecular ecstasy..

Like the messenger who tells the structure

Being structure is not bondage.

All is Enorgium.