Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ode to a Scornful and Graceless Soda Fin

full of corn, o soda mourn
that you could not be a saffron runabout
o sodad oudu, o runaba-out, how corn roc
is the deer tail's pavonine snow flake math
in old Indian macaroons?

math? or mouth.

with wheels of macaroni dance
like Herbie in Vienna dance
your carburetors hang like mangos
but your moves
are strictly stock
macaroons pour from macaronia

We're sorry
you are built of corn of and mangos

I see that grave black cartoon heads
poke out from the snow
that a deputy dawg of coal
has his rump showing
in the Alps
near deer

What is dear
What says dear
like agin grouper heads
heaving with impossible headsplitting

We're macaronis.

But as a fin
you're strictly corn soda.

You're a corn doll thing police.

and by that I mean strictly corn
as if hitler had grown old
and the Malevish white cube of the collar
had gone up to heaven

I'm saying Hitler's mustache
would have looked like the little cube
of a priest's collar
if it had been white.

I have no idea why
as a cheesewood mustache
it's ponderous to think or reveal anything
as nothing but Tiki meat remains

Woody corn bristles
or weird electron jumbles

Corn Rum
Bum Ear

ah, finally

Pan is nude
and leads on the muse brilliantly
through leaves
whose edges in their numberless wild
are uncountable as hair
and this is what you speak of

it's not mysterious
you can't invent hovering amorphous bubble video screen
because you're certainly not all that intelligent
that's plain

to black cartoon coal buns
rustling katzenjammer ignorant
in mounds of weird white lead

Culture at Halloween sounds like what it is
a great horde
of clattering and bony jaws

I'm saying culture is like a clacking jaw
a gnashing magical witch mandible
and house and things pop out

like castanets of snowy bone
in a black and endless winter
of stone mitten corn soda fins

black rubber shark's heads
are obviously religious

the deep sombre vision of your intelligence
has still yet to make giant robotic zeppelins with video skin

like gorgeous beautiful glyphs

like sexy legs
turning all patterns
and kicking rockette style
in the stratosphere

Suck on that graceless

Horrible angels
with Horrible corn colored toenails!