Saturday, October 9, 2010


The cowboy astronaut invades
the brick-orange moon. The top
of his oblong helmet is blue, the teeth
surrounding his hips
are blue too, there is a tight granite
black silence, engulfing it all,
an accelerating hiss
In the dark brown shirt
inside the phiz
your dedicated cowboy astronaut
invades my damn still 
His plain hands are cross.
His wrists are embossed white
like toenails humming in baby bibles 
In the dark night is a capsule-fitting,
and has a blue chimney top, 
thing-horse gallops on moon w/ chimney head smoking astro-knots
YI PILA CHAI yeah, verily
Yi Yi, the wild and rummaging eyes
are blue. The top of the cyclopean sky
is too dedicated

for black and blue silk
are coated in vacuum-proof

I see the arrogant smile
of its weird transparent anomaly

I see a naked man
on the set of Capricorn One
hand Judy Drinkwater
a dog-eared cloud