Monday, October 25, 2010

Forward This to the Houbaran Minister, Please.

privelina lina ana una ano uni ani inu nui
nonui ui oni ino puri vino onivu vini evo uvi
ulni ali lio nuli pir alu anihi annihili nihuli luni
nuhili hili lini nulihi ano nivu par avi univi huna
huniva luni linu puravi vui inu anhulivulinu nal
ilna lunlunivia oni holly folly fully uni onvi
omnivilulu loni honi duli uli ali ovi uni vini

I never drink tea, Tarleton. The woman
under the monastery takes a line cord, and
modifies it into G, but not in an aeroplane.
I have parachute to fling. The flying shuttle
I am goes though populi in the family
of Chrysomelid which lies like a vi-queen
in her grave and dearest pedal spur, this
completely suits the sense, 'serpens obscurus',
nave or caracca sent to the lorne and false
Duessa in her sted across the calves, toga lined
cum bokesy.

earned her traveill to renew
vnum gusee
cut simil-i
had faire together
dominio est

Tupi boi
buckram C cameo

brodata cum morsu
argent the flower
of faith and chastity
cigarra de papel

conceptualist coppice
Coryphæus reveals
the luminous excudrum
calendar music
party sect school

good and cottagey doeskin
we'll take our lauche
as the handless
landless lemings do

Who bared this?

Chlamydoxis undulatte'