Tuesday, October 5, 2010

So Toy Tons Toymos.

Germane is the wandering jaw,
Its coat of straw,
The wedge it keeps
Between its sentence,
And every immortal herb.

All of this happens
Beyond the fourth wall;
Ruth Gordon was
the dead and Roman,
Basement baby of 1969.

Coherent series,
Confused Chaldea,
I am the rose of Sharon,
Liquor loquor, it reinforced
My faith in the absurd.

And now that absurdity conquers all absurdity,
Flores Historiarum sizes up the chocolate mouse,
A drug addict moved in named Cartaphilus Adidas Tournai
And began at once to paint the little piano

That lived under plastic tarps
In the rainy porch.
Khashayarsha stayed
The loving lungs
On high mountain;

Ahasuerus made the kiss a crown
Upon a snake's uneven brow, to
Hide weird stones that grew there naturally,
Snake brain in valley dulcis.
Sharon Tate was born in Dallas, Texas.

Our tech-sys, Arťeksis,
He sired a ruse down upon us,
It rushed and forgot it all (poor us).
Rose Mary's Labia Ankha
Atten natte droog.

Tattenai, we take drugъ
Inside the dariusdevileye
We *dʰrowgʰos the seaweed
Which rose merrily, sinister
Vacuum left for U/S/stop.~

Doctor 卵
[Doctor Testicle-Breasts]
didn't want,
didn't want the audience
to see me till I was ready.

Av to have
And eall mancynn þe þæron
Eardað is drihtnes:
The Joconium inverted

Tennis thaws its uncle.
My body melts to tad and tod
This, that it ought
See, saw, say yada, so hamimau.

O Tad
You are
am... [3, uncapitalized]