Saturday, October 30, 2010

Conjure Consortia: Autotrophy

and they all turned out to be
psychopathic liars, Welwitschia
red whip regeneration, Chez Rust
to house the venerable Jen Fang 460-508
prisoners of dried blood tell
Woo Poo the elector in Pharm divine
of Hexagram 'Advantage'
At Purple Yang lookout
Dragon Brain still grows

apple snail aguada
terminal classic collapse
cellphone photographs
of halloween tailgate
party in their mohawk dresses
homeorhesis Yum Balam
turkey hypsithermal

Lake Karla, Arachthos
moving polemarch
when Sparta lived along the
river of Evrotas, the Dorians
occupying Laconia
wildfire delta
below the industrial city
of Jambol, below the Pchelina
reservoir, poor nutrient status
Laurus nobilis forms thickets
beneath ancient Plane stands

psephology suffrage
Gordian green labyrinth typhoons
Herculean Janus Midas lotus-eater
market value tesselation
Dianus upon Callisto
moon soft innocent
orgiastic ursu
intimate to Atimite
Compitalia Tana
Tangenta for
Charles Leland
Nature, Nurture
Narrtour (Culture)

Safety First!
gonda gondola
pulse pulse
honey cotton
Cypripedium arcs
to Calypso bulbosa

What rare concept
the wheel of random?

Column Bind.

Its body only stumps
to house the blue thing
cooperation and
sheer exaggeration..