Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Notes For a Pome Called "The Rice Monkey's Buboe"

or maybe "George Kennedy Visits Dealey Plaza"

I guess it's right about the time that
Richard Starkey and Richard Henry Sellers
finished making a film called
The Magic Christian, that, because
of their closeness in the film
as Father and Son, decide to
movie in together as husband and wife,
Richard being husband, and Richard
being wife. Choosing New York as their
base of operations.

They choose to live at
The Dakota on the Northwestern
corner of 72nd Street and
Central Park West in the
borough of Manhattan
to be close to Richard's friend
Jack Winston Lennon,
and because of the odd detail
of its en filade structure
and strange associated imagery

like the horned bronze Satanic shaman
on the 9th floor which holds
an antler-handled knife in the form
of an elongated key.

Well, to cut to the chase, The two
Richards become involved in a pregnancy
which turns out to be the result
of a Biotech Satanic cult intervention.
It's never clear exactly which of the two
Richards has become pregnant
with the devil's child, but
Richard Henry Sellers does begin to wear
a miniature log cabin as a helmet and has
a butt-plug kazoo made
that he wears constantly rendering him
a sort of "Siren al Kazooka"
or "Little Policeman of the Night".

Ruth Gordon makes an appearance
as a naked witch riding a hog
and carries on her shoulder
two little Yoko Ono clones
dressed like the little Elias
of Mothra, Mona and Lora.

There are several scenes in the
film which are disturbing. One is of
Richard Starkey ingesting a
fried rice golem they call
Mark David Chapman, but which
reappears in a drug induced
Double Fantasy as something called
"The Chocolate Mouse".

One odd detail of the Dakota
in this period is that it had
been bought by the Amarillo, Texas
Artist and Philanthropissed friend
of Doctor Sapirstein, Stanley Marsh 3
who had had the word


printed on every door in the hotel.
Oddly enough, the two Richards never
considered Satan nearly as evil as
Nature, particularly, but then
both of them had deep sexual fetishes
concerning Queen Victoria who they saw
as a sort of Still-life, by Portuguese
painter Josefa de Óbidos
consisting of old broken moog synthesizers
and weird Asian fruits
piled up together into a horrible mess
and smelling

Tanis Root.


"When the Owl baby was finally born"
"from Ringtone's Manitou, they called it"

"The Dynamite Museum"

and grew giant tadpoles inside hit

[it hands you a large smoking macaroni which burps as in Dupravna]

monster tadpoles
with luminous skeletons
whose bones would be ground up
for the ~undertaste~ in CHOCOLATE MOUSE


in her blue meeny costume
waggling little limp jaguars around

Sequanus is sane,
and Sanity is Sainted

All our Saints are Sane
Charles Grodin
looks great
when he poses as
The Thinker
like a catatonic
Rice Golem
Mark David Chapman

He was born in Fort Worth, Texas.

He has his Father's eyes.
And he has Hadrian's Villa
from a lusty bodkin.