Friday, October 22, 2010

Cox Illustrated Dictionary of Hairdressing

I love you nature-box, giddy-as-a-
curl-I-love-you^Æpyornis under the hedge cloud
lying for the morn, how sweet the shell
like a skin-colored stone, I love you nature-box,
Acanthocephalan said to gut, aestival alizari
asmear on your rump ut pictura ou Littre'

like I just said

Oh lay me down in white cheesewood, sweet devil
and let my breasts fill the sky, and let the cities
of my branching toes fill your eyes, lying for the morn,
giddy-as-a-curl-I love you^amphiastriality to its
collection as if its collection stood in one unit,
all the names of nature applied in a single feature
like I love you anisakiasis the privative prefix
whose antenated evangelical relish must baobab
anurans in their booyang colored lavenders-curl
love you-fill the sky-sweet the smell, hell cities
said to gut colors-I love you in white cheesewood
ut pictura evangullicule

like I just said

Oh lay me down in bowyangs and curly slippers,
and let my breasts fill the clouds, and let cities
of your branching eye-claws love the burly cabotage
whose calyptran additions were appended with
frangrant toes of white cheesewood bodkins smeared
on madder rumps giddy-as-a-curl-I love you^amphiastriality
to its collection as if its collection, covering, veil^ you
wild white campion- Githago by the Hye in the Angleterre
of the diurnal vespertina where the cheesewood rushes
boggle sweet William's nymphologies

like I just said I love you nature-box, giddy-as-a-
curl-I-love-you^Æpyornis under the hedge cloud
lying for the cephalodiscus in chalcochromite
commandments, diapsid creodonts culminating
in dentex where coucal cnidarians dilly the
dog-gone dugongs with ergotamine ciclatoons,
their bodkins smeared with madder and 
cheesewood blossoms giddy-as-a-curl-I 
love you^amphiastriality to its collection 
as if its collection, covering, veil^ you

like I just said singlaton, siqillat^

and be smitten in castels and townes with mynstralcies
and lauzy turs, with tregeturs and tomblers-
I love you Launfal, where your japerine ginouria
goes giddy in the eftersoon highhede, covering,
giddy as a nature box, the boy ut pictura
under the hedge clouds breasts for the lying
where coucal monstuires give thanks to nouriture
and nurture oratour

I just dazed

in Tyroglyphid blossoms
to its collection
I love you giddy as 
artotyrite acarids
upon the milk white feet
of cheesewood
my breastwood castels
in japerine ginouria,
the segual head if made from bread^


Tyromantic Brehe!

I love you in white cheese hair, Tyrothrixin, my 
Sunday graphic is alive!

how! like I said...

mudo postiche shahtoosh
but not everyone will know
or care that I love you anyway^
your hearth like a city
of white cheesewood breasts
filling the sky