Saturday, October 9, 2010

Polarized Corn Browsers

They look like coaches, in the morning

with their jogging pants wrinkled.
And I am coach, MANGO spelled out
across my front teeth.
Don't want to be Woody Allen.
sleep softer
coming in from cannons from the 
other end of town
dirty & tired to
have a beer
with the wretched clean elan.
     Get this:
we talked of old England
and the ice skating champions,
girls in bands

some skulls surpass our understanding
for palaeontologically, we are uninitiated
right here in Nebraska.

But I will drink a beer
in the wretched clean elan
whose empty laurels
like cannons
still launch skulls

And I may imagine
early Indians
riding mastodons
and pulling weird 
and leafy wagons

Battleships made from corncobs
hung with roasted haggis
dusted with chili powder