Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jester's Bladder Doll

to tum be peace
in fluids

where eenthall to bes tu
in these fine squat be self
or tune gap pitch

extension flip top
the claw unit's
array of worm taps

now succumb
the white room is small
the external shape a twist
where ten glyphs combine
along a mirrored decibel
cut short

a self circuit
blanched toward
its green branching
fire tongue liquids that carry
the individual rooms
over their language shifts

thing glyph
in itself

sees where itself
as in thing would go
if held

once interpenetrants
have combined
terminal news expansion
gaps the pitch
an incline signal rips out of sequence
its green branching room
encodes a fiery shift
if held

the peaceful thing
finds a gap

as in thing
with terminal pitch
to hybrid bird

signal rooms change size
as amplitude
color fields act parasitically
and display the wretch
of the white

peaceful the icon
is held
now displaying a room
sequence never seen
or if seen

icon where
pitch acts silent
gap forwards signal
to lute

wretch displays room's inward
on neouw-explay

leaceful oot


noo icoonitoony toc
cot noci
where or if seen oo
lute icon acts peacefully
becoming room sequence
displayed signal gap

wretch rooms

peaceful acts
ten glyphs in fluid
seldom stall the boot


cot noci
its afraid knot
trembling in the room
the room signal itself
lute gap
uncertainly holes

color all amplitude
room become furniture signal icon

peaceful bat icon furniture
locate furniture bot

boat itself tied off at icon
near 10 fluid combining area

ten trembling fluids combine
near icon room manifold psygnal's note hole
signal itself denote rune

ruined boat room become icon fluids
lute boat leaking signal fluids
for peaceful lotu

bat lotion furniture ocean's
pitch nignull

net hierarchy
total hierarchy abandon
boat itself runed
ruined icon prevail
unto peace
in silence

total area of combining
itself denote turbulent true

tru ru ur urt

runt truth
peaceful lotion icon room
lute wretch
in bat lute boat gap

bat-head pig-boat icon
save lute peace turnbulence

violin supporting local boat signal silence
icon prevail in ruin
unto peace

total area of combining


denote pitch and prevail
room's area for green fluids
where shape combined terminal
hierarchy total itself seen signal
in flip amplitude room taps now toc
cot fine act oot sicon psynoc noo
fields abandon boat thing with white
lute peaceful holes color these twist
where terminal signal to peaceful forwards
pig-boat a display itself as language
ru signal sequence its gap combines news
as it rips glyphs where the room became
squat combining bat incline seen or of
runed ruined lute wretch would if
combining denoting fiery icon thing
near their boat room leaking signal
change wretch in knot trembling room
held once top the peace glyphs prevail
combine along peaceful rooms over pitch
thing extension external of acts hole
signal icon area turnbulence violin
an individual news bes ur the acts
the seen

where icon branching noci
where shifts thing icon rooms
where never room sequence furniture go

if mirrored icoonitoony stall furniture
icon branching local tum turbulent
a carry the gap uncertainly succumb
the wretch of boot bot boat bat-ch-air-ichor cot
is tied off psygnal's ten itself lute decibel cut
liquids true tru itself room lute green expansion gaps
combining itself lotion white claw circuit blanched fluid
seldom peacefully becoming lute silence icon self fluid peace
turbulent total worm icon icon save self or icon rune ruined acts
ten room encodes to ocean's pitch tongue of silence total furniture
locate hierarchy displays parasitically and lotion trembling pitch to if
interpenetrants have sequence displayed out in itself thing inward on combine
near be signal furniture ruin unto fire icon is manifold bat boat in a
peace in hybrid signal fluids lute room or gap uncertainly wretch
the note tu in shift if if unit's array toward its bird signal
the boat small the supporting 10 be all itself sees eenthall
fluids area ten short a fluids for rooms peaceful room
icon bat peaceful afraid that peace in held now
signal thing finds tune gap oo lute to urt
runt noci its size as in bot boat of
silent gap amplitude color icon
lute gap bat-head lotu bat
room the glyph combines
in displaying nignull
net neouw-explay
leaceful truth