Thursday, May 26, 2011

Batnose Surfboard

green flounder batnose
green cobra batnose
green salmon meat surfboard
wet soft
having sex in girdles for soft rusted cars
rusted scars of green abalone pearl sheets
green cobra in pearl sheet trough
wanding down toward tumble stair orrery
batnose daybed
the wet warm nostrils cupping the buttocks

A Surfer stands on a low rise looking out to sea
soft felt like version of weather report cut out and
scattering doobie rolled last melody line of drunk injuns
saccharine trust

surfing into the beach where bare breasted
she holds up two batnosed cobras
two flounder nosed bat hyphen


long draw in scrawl of coastline
from high roadside perch
the breakers
a thin green thinking of painted debris
cloud casual inertia of breathing universal

silver salt
silver skin

hot ultra cold eyeball awake in sea
paddling toward its black canoo

moa moai angular above the anoa
I know I
cock park GTO and leak
some kid with a girl bicycle smoking
into its grey butter leaf batnose
ancient Tibet the gigantic underground wheel of surf
where thousand mile high waterfalls hit the massive spinning wheel
whose paddle function surface is frictive statuary

dakini mad thing
green batnosed flounder dakini surf salmon breathing
silver bat cobra prayer bicycle

cold eyeball wheels
green batnose
wet soft

surfer anoa
shooting first curl
feet like otter song the captive decible
yelp or kelp head bosk

black seal the outward wash
at haystack rock
the soft hidden cleft
cold fickle sharky

in a / onna batnosed lantern