Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Figure of a Hunter

dwog rumpelstiltskin
dwog rum penny auction

wave segments bounce attached
to the motivating vessel
nike's head cutting sky
a blue metal box
post-radar pickles ecology

pulling gold after gold
out of naval navel nevu nabi
let's stick to riding giant snakes
through the high grass
Cameo Butterfield Toy
Super Nuseum our 40
thousand candle head
rack helmet displays

panning for visceral parabled
unities I see the flip top bugger pinging
in the shale dense motor moor
I see the coodle codgers unyoking
the Hesperides from their wheels of
Hellebore and Kanny-Bossom

dwog dwog dwog
ode to a felt metal mortal
Dutchman dontis
primrose supple
the Tenth Pythian Ode
the supremely fitting
chair from which they aim