Friday, May 6, 2011

Propeller Label Lading Neobate

prosceniumed congruency
its idyllic sections to rank as boulevards,
or full of bards, the mountebank digressions

congruency might be seen in the drama of a proof
a long wooden peering by the mask whose substance
is derived out of thick hair

in corridors of wild hares
corridors whose walls only contain the gravity
and so afford a stampede of conic sections

rabid birds pour through the center
and each of their bodies
like a still lone pier in a vast plain of grain

upon which a single actor remains
to address the setting sun
in a mask of cold fire whose smoke
is the infinitesimal bidding of birds
across an angling substance

any sense of proscenium merged
into congruency with congruency itself

mystery playing out a line
like the salvage from which the chorus peers

in a wild gauze of intersecting corridors
rivers of birds
each bird a theatre and an audience
a leaf whose body retains
the single proud proscenium of mirth

now maneuvering the magic spectacle
stages connected by corridors of corybantic howlers
pontoon stages

like masks
whose words are actors
and linger about the mouth like sores
too strange to leave the mother
the lips

congruency says hips
univalent anion

plump full bodies
come surging through the proscenium
its idyllic sections to rank as boulevards

like leaves which tumble
adhere slightly
then slide again

heavy wind required on stage to propel
the idle props