Monday, May 16, 2011

Brain Zeppelin (Drafts and quips)

Grainy day-glow neutrinos like wiggly legless dachshunds slop through the cheese like stones and planets
sloshing onward until each docks like a zeppelin with some larger particle photron vizmet nousine in the infinitely long silence of the future of our omen matter mother other altar falter fume and gallness and standing in the vast curved expanse of smaragdine glass that is the cockpit city of Chez Mereldor Captain Viva Alunermo is regaling the captives with an explanation of his name his ship and purpose and the nature of his being while traveling to the strange location he calls Filipepi's Bonfire

Alunermo is a constructed name you see _All Un_ being like a word in a code string meaning "All One" and venning and sharing its N with two words becoming a kind of Cerberus Nero plus Nemo being Nermo
and mo venning to mot to make 'All one air mot (word)'   or All a mare knows.. etc Anything really I just wanted to get in my two heroes Emperor Nero and Captain Nemo - The captives are a mixed bag of young strong men sailors taken from destroyed merchant ships and lovely ladies kidnapped clandestinely from giant ocean going sea-liners bound from Europe to the Americas ~A young sailor from the Azores pipes up You are a madman SIR, and a BARBARIAN! A Barbarian is it? The origin of Civilization is Barbarism. Rather, it is within the opposition to your so-called barbarism that civilization is able to takes shape. Biology, or the body itself is the only civilization and it is not our own, but that of the microbes. Long ago when microbes crowded the seas in untold hypertrillions did our Earth begin to grow its beard, the civilized and natural body. And only later could Egyptians, Chinese, Greeks, and Romans, Franks and Saxons dream of a world in which Barbarians or Nomads threatened their borders, dream of a world in which Barbarians would be definitely removed. All of them were destroyed or overrun by that which they despised.

I sir am a Civilized Barbarian and a paradox among all nations and loyal only to the deep well of mystery called LIFE and the universal felicific calculus... go now to your berths we shall be descending among some mountaintops to access our year's harvest from Filipepi's Bonfire or you can watch from the crew's lounge and see a golden nipple!