Wednesday, May 25, 2011

That Works on Two Levels, Maybe Three..

a blonde slacker minimalist gym towel's
prosthetic prehensile amoeba tesselation armor's
simulated hybrid AI receptionist's
gangly pyramidal glial synthoganglionic
gangland pyschopiomp's
HO Rainforest's DND ranger character 

gives birth to a figurative glitch ringtone extruder applet
for post-i-phone-neo-geo-clonic-colonic-parasites
with dangling hodad API fondue Count McChocula IPSAT subdewdteens
doing electrohooktipi bubbah bathsalts into its
nabob natal glitter jelly mononostril script squid cache's
Randy Quaid dna-lava-helix genie lantern latte's
fitness center securitization gambit relay race
for scuba lessons from DARK SITH dingbat Rhizomispheres...