Monday, May 9, 2011

The Palace of Varieties II

Novels would pass through the glass reading station at increasing speeds, but the visions
would not pass into our agent without the martini and sports car interface, a metallic pink chrome listener torso with raccoon tails was stationed near the navel of the dreamer, thin wispy sentences could be plucked there and sent on up to the brain by an array of hovering cuttle-fish bag pipes called 'the filitary'. "Bikinis" might contain caviar or piles of cavaliers squirming in their white plastic decibels to get out of their own private little fish egg eye. A spy might finally show herself near to the lashes dusted in red powder like a god, a morsel, and then suddenly become an inanimate crumbly unit, a decoy since the system had been retracted into its chassis for redeployment. The whole structure of espionage had become a mimicry of divine caprice, and the spies themselves were often called Capriccios, or Oliver aka VIRAL RIOT TEASE.