Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Post-Anything, Post-Everything, Just Blah-Blah-Blah (Doodad Dollies Dunnit)

Oh, please,
here is Monaco
in the 1950's..

Here, the seaside curio
and sporting auto-mobile,
an orrery, a metaphor,
a camphor, a gear.

Let's go gambling,
wear tuxes, and take the Hispano-Suiza
roaring between palm trees
where the nonsense of poverty
and the nonsense of wealth

Pink mud clutching choral capers
like moss with a pebble caught in its fronds

a blood red brain
like a booger hangs
on a nugget of gold
with a beak like a chicken
fringed in periwinkle mold

Diamond Monaco, for
cheap gilt, the bartender
knows your name

hung over
we pick fabrics from a folio
and watch the polo game

Monstera deliciosa
will grow just about anywhere


even the absolute spirit
has its sick games