Thursday, May 19, 2011

Straight Down, Combed Over, Loose

[in a hood it reaches] ----------------------------- matter the judgement
[something is attached] -------------------------- and through the negligible
[through an odd hole] ------------------------ illegible bibles would imbibing
[dim shelves] ------------------------------------- bribes bride up the idle
[from an island] ------------------------------ fiducial alluvial for more sphinx
[its burden of hoses] ---------------------------- to ornament the entrance
[its tear duct visible ] ----------------------------- matter the judgement
[a section began to look] ------------------------------ entrancing
[rows of upright melons] ---------------------------- matter the judge
[a flying head, Rasputin, a comet] ----------------------- a door
[in a hood it slumps] ------------------------------------ ink sing
[reaching into the cleft] --------------------------------- sinking
[a letter to cast two loops into play] --------------------- sunk
[rat's head, snake's body] ------------------------------- sung
[thigh become thumb] ----------------------------- nous hung stung
[he makes a small mouth, clones, Lautrec] --for matter through lamp hands
[in a gallop it reaches] ------------------------ illegible a bible imbibing