Friday, May 13, 2011

Fiesta Kaleidoscope (Riding Wild Pen-Yaddas Untether)

Dr. Benjamenta Franklin was elected to supertubulin membership but adjourned
upon the funsis of William Blake's Heliotherapy Zuoddenyn. Sue Denim howl.
Kite pass key light. Here we are are among the semi-healed lawns where once again
the fireflies blossom.

Over the door
a red hot horse shoe.
In the garden
a red hot hand.
jutting out from the top
of the waterfall
a red hot herm
the bald
infinitely silent
bust projection
of Dr, Benjamental Franklinstein
and the sombrero of neon
that hovers somewhat higher


I once knew beatniks that said Kookookachoo
instead of snapping..

very very true.