Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More Spy Poetry From the Fatman

had the almond flowers bloomed
in central portugal? wadded wood they would they
cud whey

way indiscreet, the office to board the training
almost lickerish celt its deep heritage for wooden raised roads
came on

the vast disappointments in its genetic memory
our roads were just as good as the roman's
something paused the cycle started up

hip projection seen via telescope
careful to note the unseen and bristling caterpillar there
a listening craft could say to the pilot

external mohawk performed atop mons veneris
pudenda shielded by agent

"O Valium"

prince valium was the name of a downtown jamaican gang
they had newspaper connections
whenever Minerva wouldn't land
they'd have to coax a computer with nailbiting and reading Faulkner in reverse
a Burgess spy novel to mention a teenage girl reading about sexual pathology aboard
an ocean liner

too much attention to detail
the tiny phone hanging in the window
the cheapest effect, see comic book:

there was a sort of brass or golden badge on the side of the scooter
which looked like a fried egg

its extreme polish belied the presence of the Count of Montialgo
whose fried egg crest was known on 7 contients


1. dirt skin
2. Nirvana White
3. caught inside its birdcage brooch
4. something hot and wet foraging in its rectilinear time frame
6. twaum
7. picks up the albino bat creature from its little tub of gold dust

hissing pink nudes enter crimson shower
and in the adjacent study for a room
giant sky blue almonds

we imagine wearing clean fresh tennis clothes
and then go out zipping high above the dark moors
with our luminous rackets
our tiny raisin like hands
wet with cold blue jelly
from the controls

moving perfect segments of earth and stone and mountain
is easy
the earth is a pillow of loose cubes

high gravitronics

animus forwarding inkhole
falun dafa

a japanese smoker
removes her shoes at the door
but is surprised to see the enormous hairy statue of a dog
whose back holds a rumple chair of green leather
and there is Yoakum Kennedy Solvata or


spy dirge comedy plaintain
direct crystal ancestor of banana native hybrids

head atop stalk
from sensitive 18th century Mexico

there is a chinese ideogram
they use for a time machine
unfortunately it says green fur's
untimely limit

Another reason why is Peggy Guggenheim's uncle
who played snake atop rows of stacked chairs
they listened for weeks
before ceramic foo phones were painted with medusazoon coinage

ham first into the luminous bean sporls

purple ham brain mind portal sigh
thick legged turban
almost monkey buggy luminaut
then turned back toward inestimable elegance grace charm
and corruption

moral exhaust
starts up its fine line
and out comes the cavalry
wildly beautiful C shaped hubs
the wheels an array of tiny white luminous balls
following each other as in a kick line
of thick legged turbines

tornado strikes down on pool hall
rendering operatives domino
toward haystack rock Oregon

bicycle rental shop run by aging Russian aristrocat

complilation no twaum
you see residue in butter dish
these folks leave out their butter
these folks don't

one is a spy family
giving sky blue colored kiwis a try

warm wet perineum has a crystal viewing window
almond ink zeppelin reindeer come apart in tiny bursts
from the edge of the shoulder bone
its mucous is a barn of milky crystal ants
hiding a cactus

headquarters is in a cactusk these days
spread out over three levels
some of which
purr splap

almond flower

golden hair rug

nude body replaced by random bird call