Friday, May 6, 2011

Runnin on Empty

thong thong bigong cuck chuck
woolery mammoth nipsy

this morning i found some
doodoo in my bra
making flapjacks for pa
he's sleeping in there too

hiho rubber devo
she just learned to walk on highheels
now its storm season
oooh thong along bigong
chuck chuck tentacle clutch
chucho macho gespacho

despotic doctor octo?

o the black tiled swimming pool
and the dark purple fiberglass diving board
o the black tiled swimming pool shaped like a
with the .
as a jacuzzi

vacuzzi musey bluesy
ooh ooh thing belign ling lang thang
thong bong belong the chuck fluck
wooly nipple knight rider sasquatch witch mountain
steve austin boston cameo

funky fuzzy all over ken doll
there's doodoo in my bra ling loo
firing mega bombs
kookoo camaro trans am dating game

tony tiger sombrero arrow
make some lipton's ice tea
in your shetland pony shoes

looks like this fun molding toy will be yours
in barstow california
puts some more junk in your trunk
trumpet hangs in outer space
they don't know its the cheap yet
spaceport for tiajuana

smoke some tea lajuana
juju high wild pickle salute
i just can't believe its a wig
it's so strong
its like roast pig
the glitter from the diving board
got in my sandwich
still riding the smoldering carcass
come down from porn films
into Needles or Barstow
there's dirt all in my trunk

i'm plowing up stuff with my bicycle

a blow up pickle doll
i had babies with
somebody sold me a lime
and I got the lemon free
that's telemarketing
on cable radio

sugar up your shoe snatch
let it roll down the mountain
a rolling stone bangs kate moss
it's like jelly in a can
a monk on fire from WD40 or hairspray
with bozo running alongside
his tie is caught in your windshield

kookoo kachoo
yellow submarine lottery ticket holder

major chuck norris hexen attitude
he told me so
with the bra revolver
Tia Bingo
dark paris hilton hamburg beatles

little white plastic hand grenades inside the plastic still
now that's doodoo in a drawer
his whole history looks and acts like a whoopee cushion
ziplock saggy baggy elephant pants
out to conquer spain
from venice
in the rain

look up you see its grape ape
doing the funky dion

get a knife
for yer pickle tony
looking at bosnia for awhile

you can't pick up big mike
just one orange in the big flowing countryside
could mimic late or early
come early anyway get big mike going
like granny pole dancers steam pie runaway mining accident

late early middle late early middle

i dreamed your shoe bra
bang you just blew off my garden pole dancer again
that little dog
here it is again quit sayin that
holloween hercules is so efficient getting candy from the barbies
in its goddamn green dress
if its hot
its raid
bitch you been pluggin up my company hole
for days

hair in the ice trays george w bushman
clik clik tongue noises
rutabaga winnobargo
ky gel avalanche sirens

can't get a fine for bein' john denver
in a radioactive refrigerator
call in a funny bunny barker the banker and let him poodle
your fat donkey toes again
cheerleaders with glitter pommepomme beards

just ass soon as the donkey gets its thing
up the watermelon
thong belong gong gong bang

spidermonkey speedo does a grass hut bunk mutt
right in the business section of the hospital panty raid
with a greasy hula hoop lampshade head
it's all

i'm sooo 1950's butter and porch
and day-glo powder wigs an shit
gimme a clue mr mustard

sit in the window
until your father comes to retrieve you

cappin kirk killin' it with a stalag mite dong

getchur damn rollerskates off my couch!

pig butter runnin on empty
running long
running wild

slapped you right in the face with a parking ticket
get up and jog off those flapjacks

it ain't easy to mandroid a banana split
to the world's fair in this hot dog suit...