Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cheesy Homophonic Translation of Previous Poem

Casting dune comets on juice (and Djinn)
the joyous machete' of clicquot on chiffon
showed a big bush with icy teeth
an old fraud inveigling sous
from a flaming door

A comet is quite passe'
a lazy horse soul longing for torsion
a noose equals a stylus
under lazy Marge's yew
perforated checks with feather perfume

Costume comet on you!
a meteor up the wazoo is savage, mon!
let's traverse the chateau as lesbos
as looney as an assembler of machines

Just say ricochet to the river, you deformer
your crummy cube illuminated
my lignite tourist's chinese tennis shirt

Serve some corn, fer sure one owl!
some inveigling pages dance to chinfinity
fading days of glorious defenestrations